Hajj Trip 2011

  • 2011-12-16 04:01:34

By the blessing of Allah and his generosity, NEMA arranged a Hajj trip for the year 2011. This year's Hajj trip was funded by Al-Sakha’ Charity from Qatar.
This year's Hajj was attended by 21 European Muslims, 17 brothers and 4 sisters. The attendees came from different countries in Europe such as Germany, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Ukraine, the UK and Ireland.
The Program
The program involved a variety of lectures that were organised by NEMA as well as other socialising meetings. The lectures aimed to increase the knowledge and to raise the efficiency of Da'wa of the new Muslims. While the socialising meetings were an excellent platform for new Muslims, from different countries, to exchange their experiences and to increase their friendship network with others that share the same believes and lifestyle.
First Meeting
The first meeting was held in the hotel in Mecca. The aim of this meeting was to have an introduction session for all brothers and sisters to know each other and to have an overview of the program.
Our brothers and sisters showed great appreciation for having the chance to visit Mecca and to complete the fifth pillar of Islam, the Hajj. This meeting was an excellent opportunity for all brothers and sisters to share their experiences in their home counties.
Second Meeting
This meeting was a lecture held in Mena, one day before Arafa. The lecture was given by Shiekh Salem and was about "The best way to perform Hajj". The lecture was translated to different languages and was held in the brothers' tent with speakers in the sisters' tent. The lecture was a great opportunity for new Muslim to benefit from the lecturers and ask them any questions about Hajj.
Third Meeting
The meeting was planned to take place in Mena after Arafa, however, the meeting was postponed to Mecca due to tiredness and illness after the day of Arafa. The lecture was about "Da'wa work in an organised way based on previous experiences".
The Hajj trip for this year was a great success which left the brothers and sisters asking about the next time NEMA would arrange a visit to Mecca and Madina.
Overall, the attendees benefited from the lectures and gatherings helping them to perform their first Hajj in an easy and most beneficial way possible.