Egypt Camp 2011

  • 2011-10-16 04:03:52

This was NEMA's third annual camp and was held in Cairo, Egypt between 8th and 15th of October 2011. Six months before the camp, we announced the dates and venue for representatives of European organizations, as well as individuals in Europe. The camp was held at the Swiss Hotel in Cairo.
The camp was attended by 100 participants from 11 countries (Germany, Greece, England, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Norway, Poland, Sweden, Spain and Ukraine). Speakers were from Canada, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Kingdom .
Saturday 8th October
Upon arrival, guests went to the hotel directly from the airport where they were given information about hotel facilities and time for group prayer.
Sunday 9th October
The day started with Fajr prayer. The program began with a welcoming speech by Dr Hany Eldeeb followed by Dr Jamal Badawi, the first speaker, lecture about “Dealing with the non-Muslim Environment”. Then Dr Salah Sultan participated with experiences with non-Muslim families.
Monday 10th October
After Fajr prayer and breakfast, we left the hotel in 3 buses to see the Pyramids and the Cairo Museum with the guidance of three mentors.
After having lunch near the Nile River, we went on a boat trip in the Nile. After getting back to the hotel , we had dinner and the Qyam prayer.
Tuesday 11th October
After Fajr prayer and breakfast, it was time for the first lecture by Sister Noha Salama. In her speech, she explained how to bring positive change in our environment, such as work, friendship and family. The second speaker of the day was sister Kathleen Naji from England, she encouraged the new Muslims with her speech on how a person can make a change in himself.
After lunch and prayer, Dr Jamal Badawi and Dr Fadel Soliman, both answered questions from the audience.
Wednesday 12th October
We went on a trip to Ain Sukhna on the Red Sea to spend the day. We spent a wonderful day in Ain Sukhna, it was an unforgettable experience for all of us. The brothers enjoyed swimming.
Thursday 13th October
The morning session was left for social interactions between the group. The third and final session began at 6:00 pm. Dr Jamal Badawi and Dr Salah Sultan both gave a lecture about "Living and Dealing with the Wider Community".
In the evening we entertained the audience where each participant had a good time.
Friday 14th October
We left the hotel at 8:00 am to visit Cairo for the second time. We visited Mosque of Sultan Hassan and several other mosques. We also visited the Church of St George. Then we prayed Friday prayer in the Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha. After lunch, we went to Khan Khalili for shopping.
Saturday 15th October
As organised it was time to leave Cairo, guests were taken to the airport by bus.
Camp Feedback
Immediately after the Cairo camp we were heard good news. One of our non-Muslims guests, who was accompanying on of his family members, has converted to Islam.
And The second good news was the marriage of brother Dennis Wise and Caroline vineyard after their return to their country, Belgium. We wish the couple a new happy marriage fulfilled with love, honesty and respect.
According to the feedback of the camp by our guests, 90% found the camp to be very successful and all letters were very helpful and informative.
Also the participants believe that Qyam prayers during the camp was very encouraging for them to realize the beauty of our religion. Also all cultural tours in Cairo was found to be very important.
All guests showed their appreciation of the camp and asking about the fourth annual camp which will be held in 2012.