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  • Morocco Camp 2015

    This year it was NEMA’s fifth annual camp. The camp was held in Marrakesh, Morocco between 23rd and the 28th of April 2015. The camp was attended by 28 European Muslims and some of their relatives. The camp featured speakers such as Kathleen Naji and Hussein Naji.

  • Tunisia Camp 2012

    This year's camp was held in Tunisia between the 28th and 4th of November 2012. The camp involved a variety of lectures by Dr jamal badawi, Fadeel Soliman, Kathleen Naji and Hussein Naji as well as site seeing of the Islamic heritage and touristic places in Tunisia.

  • Hajj Trip 2011

    By the blessing of Allah and his generosity, NEMA arranged a Hajj trip for the year 2011. This year's Hajj trip was funded by Al-Sakha' Charity from Qatar. This year's Hajj was attended by 21 European Muslims, 17 brothers and 4 sisters.

  • Egypt Camp 2011

    This was NEMA's third annual camp and was held in Cairo, Egypt between 8th and 15th of October 2011. The camp was attended by 100 participants from 11 countries and featured speakers were from Canada, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Kingdom.

  • Hajj Trip 2010

    Infinite thanks to Allah, Pilgrimage (Hajj) for twenty of the new European Muslims was organized for the Hajj season of 2010. This trip has had generous support from the Al-Sakha’ Charity of Qatar, which covered the expenses of Hajj for the new European Muslims.

  • Spain Camp 2010

    The camp was held between of 2010 in Andalusia, southern Spain due to the abundance of Islamic heritage in the region. Activities were held in the coastal city of Malaga because of its touristic attractions for families and children.